Our Mission

The establishment of a grassroots, well-managed, internationally recognized and respected organization where the opposition forces to the Islamic Republic of Iran can transparently collaborate to support the liberation movement within Iran. Our goal is to help eradicate the ruling Islamic regime in Iran using non-violent means, and to replace it with a democratic, secular form of governance that is cognizant of human rights and our historic place in the world.


The motivation behind the establishment of THE NEW IRAN by a group of Iranian political activists residing inside as well as outside of Iran, is the result of the Iranian people’s mass uprising and their freedom seeking Green Movement, against the continued brutalities of the despotic and tyrannical ruling clerical regime in Iran, which has sustained its immoral rule and destructive 31-year occupation of Iran, by way of severe oppression of Iranian people’s national and civic rights.

THE NEW IRAN, having systematically analyzed and scrutinized the reasons behind the repeated unsuccessful attempts of the dissidents of the Islamic Regime in Iran (“IRI”) in forming a powerful and united front during the last thirty-one years, has integrated the lessons learned and best practices from that analysis with the latest technological systems and the Internet, and devised a powerful social-political-technological framework and platform to connect all IRI opposition groups and individuals worldwide.

THE NEW IRAN, without promoting any particular political ideology or ethnic belief, invites all pro-freedom and anti-IRI individuals, political parties and civic groups to leverage THE NEW IRAN as a mechanism and framework to unite together, collaborate with one another, and to assist the ever-expanding freedom movement of the Iranian people; to mend the broken links of the IRI-resistance; and to strengthen the ties amongst all IRI-opposing parties working towards the common goal of ending this dark era of Iran’s history.

Founding Principles

  • 1

    Protection of the national independence and territorial integrity of Iran

  • 2

    Separation of religion from the state (Secularism)

  • 3

    Loyalty to and support of the United Nations' universal declaration of Human Rights

  • 4

    Implementation of free, fair and transparent elections, to be held after the downfall of the ruling Islamic regime, to determine Iran's future system of governance

  • 5

    Direct participation of all Iranians throughout Iran in their local social, cultural, political and economical affairs

Approved Bylaws of THE NEW IRAN