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Farahmand Kalayeh
 For the past 2 years I have been President and CEO of  Nestology Inc.  I am also founder and chairman of Piggy Bank America. PBA is a web based software application in financial services sector. My professional career spans 30 years. For the past 15 years I have been an IT marketing and consulting executive.

My strength is built on effective communication skills, vision, strategy, execution, leadership and team building.  I am continuing my professional development in strategic management.

My educational background is in marketing and psychology from Eastern University. I believe any great idea which is based on its clear vision, strategy and execution must be saleable  in order to insure its sustainability.

On a personal note I was born in 1961 in a village near Tehran and by 1980 I graduated from High School   but due to religious persecution and harassment could not access higher education however when the Iraq attacked Iran I enlisted to join the Iran armed forces. I served for 2 years in air force however after honorable discharge Islamic Republic of Iran refused to issue my passport.

I left Iran in 1983 through Pakistan, then flew to Austria and in 1985 I arrived in United States of America.