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   I am Arash Ashayeh Mahdavi, born in Tehran in 1344, has been living as a refugee in Norway for 30 years and my last graduate degree in Management and Global Tourism.

During all these years I was active in social activism and I was active as a soloist in Iranian concerts and two personal concerts in Oslo. I opened the first local Iranian TV in Norway (Oslo) with a friend and worked on two local radio stations in Norway's 2 largest cities as director and principal implementer.

Local radio and radio director and director in Drumen for Iranians in 2004

Director and Executive Director and First Iranian TV Officer in Norway 2005

Radio program organizer and organizer in Oslo in 2005

 Since the very first days of the founding, the People's Entity has been actively involved in various areas and is currently the successor to the Director of the Civil Disobedience Secretariat. During all these years, I have been in direct contact with the fighters inside Iran for more than 20 years, and especially in recent years.

  I also worked as a coordinator and organizer of Iranian demonstrations and congresses against the Islamic State throughout all these years in Norway.

In recent years, in most conferences, I have been involved in creating unity among opponents of the Iranian government, including the referendum, Berlin, London, and the Paris Conference, and I have been involved in procurement, financial and executive matters.

Also, in recent years, I have been in close contact with Channel One, Pars Channel, Radio Voice of Iran and Persian Radio of Mr. Saeed Ghaem Maghami.

In the course of field and practical struggles, we established and operated the Iranian Action Heritage Center with Dr Mahmud Moradkhani and Ramin Golbang in 2009, and in Norway I have the Liberation Organization of Norway and now I am the presenter of the Iranian Band in Norway.

Throughout all these years, along with the fighters, we have been trying to create an extensive and alternative body of Islamic government.