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Parviz Haddadizadeh

-I am an Iranian and a citizen of the USA. I been away from my beloved country 6 years after the shameful Islamic revolution movement in Iran.

-I am a proud Political and human rights activist that openly oppose the current government in Iran since 1997.

-I believe that Ultimate Force (Mother earth and Father time) created us all, equal.

-I supported the up raising Green Movement for Freedom and Regime change in Iran with a democratic, secular and pro active government.

-I am currently the CEO of IQ Tronics Inc. and hold a BS in Electronic Science and Engineering with specialty in Communications and Logistics, and also have experience in Social Development.

-I am a proud member of one of the oldest party in Iran (more than 60 years) Pan Iranist Party, and also one of original founder of The New Iran (TNI). 

Thank you,