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Jonbesh Azady
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Cyrus the Great
Ever since the criminal Islamic coup d'état of 1979, determined, I decided to do whatever I can, to find the means, without harming any of my beloved Iranian people to get rid of the criminal mullahs and religion from Iran once and for all.  After a couple of decades of research and hard work, I am proud to present my proposed program for achieving true independence and freedom from the 1400 years old shackles of religion and mullahs, entitled: Inviting the true owners of Iran, the Iranian people, to celebrate Iran and freedom.

Why am I doing this anonymously?   There are 2 important reasons: 1, the criminal Islamic republic of mullahs, just like their masters, the European and American criminal elites and politicians, have the tendency to discredit and dissolve programs with high degree of potential for success by either: killing the author, the designer of the proposal, or through character assassination and fabricated false accusations and attacks upon the author, thus focusing the world's and the media’s attention on the battered author, rather than the idea itself.  And soon as the author fades away from the scene, so those his proposal.

در روز جشن سراسری روز شنبه ۱۳ اردیبهشت ۱۳۹۳ در تمام روز از خانه خارج نشوید. روز ۱۳ اردیبهشت از این به بعد در تاریخ ایران به روز '' آخوند بدر'' ثبت و یاد خواهد شد.

For more information please visit my YouTube channel mentioned below.

Jashn Azady -- YouTube Channel