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Hassan Kianzad
 I was born in Tehran on 1935.

I grew up in a kind family.

I educated in Roodaky School and Adib High School.

At the age of 14 I met with nationalists of the Pan Iranist Party and the National Front of Iran.

After graduation from high school I came to Germany and studied in the field of Medical Sciences and got my MD.  specialty on Internal Medicine and Heart and Chronic Diseases.

In 1973 I returned to Iran and lived there until 1980 and after the disastrous revolution in 1979 I have to leave Iran and return to Germany.

In the past 30 years I’ve worked as the Vice President and Head of a hospital ward as well as practicing Medicine. Also, in the past three decades I took part as a political activist and I was the founder of Iranian Solidarity Movement for Freedom and Democracy and participated in many political actions in Europe and the United States.