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February 9, 2019


Esteemed Ladies and Gentlemen,

Now that a conference focusing on the Middle East and especially Iran, is being held in Poland on 13 and 14 February 2019, and various officials from countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East will be in attendance, we the signatories of this letter, who are a large segment of the secular and democratic opposition to the Islamic Regime in Iran and who strive for a free and democratic Iran in the immediate aftermath of the collapse of the Islamic regime, would like to convey certain points to the participants of this conference.

After four decades of tolerating the terroristic malfeasance of a regime that has dominated Iran by deceiving the people of Iran, as well as relying on the collaboration of various world powers, we appreciate that members of the civilized world, whose values are founded on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, have realized that the chaos created by this sham of a government can only be confronted by ridding Iran, the Middle East and the world of this constant terror.

Since its inception, the Islamic Republic, showed its hideous and criminal face to the Iranian nation and then to the world. During the first months of their power grab, the regime shot and murdered its opponents, including the military and the affiliates of the previous regime. Not a single legal statute was observed; none of the detainees had so much as either legal representation or a jury. They were put in front of the firing squads and brutally murdered. Then, between July and September 1988, thousands of political dissidents in various cities of Iran were executed and secretly and extrajudicially buried in unmarked mass graves. The physical elimination of opponents is a common means and signature method of the Islamic system.

Then, with the massive and brutal repression of dissidents, which led to the flight and exile of many opposition forces, the scope of assassinations went beyond the borders of Iran and many of the exiled Iranian figures were horrifically assassinated in both the U.S. and Europe. However, the reaction of Europeans to such terrorist acts against the opposition to the regime, except for the incident of the Mykonos restaurant in Berlin and the formation of a court that condemned the leaders of the Islamic Republic, was woefully unacceptable. As a result, continued political and economic relations with the Islamic regime has resulted in the well-planned and implemented assassination and physical elimination of the Iranian opposition abroad. We witnessed recent examples of these terrorist acts in the United States,  Netherlands, Denmark and France.

Just nine months after the regime's reign, the US embassy staff in Tehran were taken hostage which unmasked the terrorist nature of this regime to non-Iranians; in fact, ever since then, the regime has taken the Iranian nation hostage as well.

Also, as mandated in the Islamic constitution, "exporting the Islamic Revolution to countries around the world," the regime's terrorist apparatus was activated by using its own security forces or non-Iranian mercenaries. Their bombings at both the US and French military bases in Lebanon, the explosion in the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia, the AMIA bombing in Argentina, the conspiracy to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States, bombings in Bangkok and Delhi, and much more, are all examples which all of the esteemed attendees of the conference are familiar with.

They have implemented expensive missile defense enrichment and missile projects for nuclear use, and military intervention in the Middle East, by sending huge sums of money to Hezbollah in Lebanon, for protecting Bashar al-Assad in Syria, as well as militia groups like Hashd al-Sha'bi in Iraq, Palestinian Hamas, the Taliban in Afghanistan, the Houthis in Yemen, and terrorist groups in Africa and South America. As such, Iran has been drained of its wealth, and poverty, hunger, unemployment, homelessness, addiction, prostitution, and the sale of body organs has become rampant among the Iranian people.

In January of last year (2018), people who had had enough of this regime, poured into the streets of Iran, protesting the systematic looting of national wealth and the creation of futile expenditure in other countries. The protesters chanted slogans like:

Our enemy is right here/they lie when they say it's America
Not Gaza, nor Lebanon, I give my life for Iran
Exit Syria / think of us instead
When embezzlement stops / our problems are solved
Death to the Dictator

That people scream in protests, is a symptom of the credibility of the Iranian people's belief in the mismanagement and plunder by the leaders of the Islamic regime; they repeatedly condemn Ali Khamenei's dictatorship and his cronies' widespread corruption, calling for regime change and Iran's freedom, and ridding  Iran of a religious system of governance.

Nevertheless, after 40 years of suffering the economic and social catastrophe that the regime has imposed on them, the Iranian people are not calling for military action to be taken among other solutions to end the evil of this regime. The military option is not only destructive but it is not at all favored by the righteous Iranian people. Indeed, as several democratic organizations opposing the Islamic regime, we firmly seek the full separation of religion from state; and we believe that act would be supported by the democratic movements and the Iranian nation.  A dependable alternative which can compensate for the losses of the past and bring our country back to a civilized world, will be able to end the entrenchment of this medieval dictatorship. The continuous efforts of the Iranian nation, which has courageously fought without any funding whatsoever, against this regime, is backed up by our claims.

For decades, the Iranian people have struggled to establish a democratic system based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. One cannot underestimate what the Iranian people confront; they stand up to a tyranny, whose security forces are armed to the teeth, and who employ additional gangs of hooligans, all of whom are told to kill. One cannot expect the millions of people to pour into the streets without any proper structure and organization. Unfortunately, the reality is that some countries, over the past 40 years, have willfully ignored the regime's oppression of the Iranian people, both inside and outside the country. As a result, the Iranian people now believe that determined and expert support of democratic nations of the world will help isolate, weaken, interrupt the devastation wrought by this regime's repressive apparatus. It is only in this way that stability can be ensured, and peace can return to the Middle East.

In this regard, we consider accomplishing the below tasks to be urgent and effective in subduing the Islamic Republic's oppression apparatus:

1- Putting an end to the policy of appeasement of the regime's economic, political and permanent human rights violations
2- Imposing sanctions on the Revolutionary Guard and Basij forces
3- Banning the regime's radio and television networks, both inside and outside the country
4- Imposing sanctions on the regime's Ministry of Intelligence
5- Imposing sanctions on the regime's cyberwar army (hackers) and Cyber Police (FATA)
6. Deportation of all intelligence agents and regime affiliates from democratic countries
7. Providing free internet access for people inside Iran so that they can continue their struggle against the regime as much as possible
8. Blocking/Freezing the Iranian nation's stolen assets in foreign bank accounts
9. Restricting political relations with the Islamic state in Iran

Esteemed Ladies and Gentlemen attendees of the Warsaw Conference

Our goal is to restore peace, tranquility and stability to the region, and liberation of a courageous and independent nation; a nation that has never been a partner in the regime's crimes. Now this nation calls upon the civilized world to decisively support its liberation movement, in order to escape the insecurity and terrorist operations resulting from the actions of the Islamic regime in the Middle East, and in order to establish a democratic and peaceful system in their country that would put an end to this turbulent, volatile and dangerous situation in the Middle East.

With respect,

In alphabetical order:

Centre for Balochistan Studies - London
Council of Iranian Secular Democratic Movement (Mehestan)
Iran Digital Congress (Congereyeh Motamedin)
Iran Lion & Sun Organization (Shir va Khorshid Iran)
Iran Secular Democrat Party
Iranian Secular Democratic Party
Paniranist Party Abroad
Persian (Iranian) Renaissance Movement
The New Iran (Nahade Mardomi)
The Constitutionalist Party of Iran (Liberal Democrat)
The Parliamentary Monarchy of Iran
We Exist National Movement (Ma Hastim)

Contact email: farakhanwarsaw@gmail.com

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