Letter to President Trump about the visit of Mike Pompeo with the Secretary General of the Komala Kurdistan Party

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November 27, 2018

The Honorable Donald J. Trump
President of the United States
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington D.C. 20501

Dear President Trump,

According to the news media, Mr. Abdullah Mohtadi, the present leader of the separatist group Komala, and the former leader of the Iran Communist Party, along with Mr. Salah Bayazidi, the representative of this group in the United States, recently have had a meeting with Mr. Pompeo.   That meeting can be interpreted by the Iranian people as an attempt by the United States to support separatist groups in Iran and can have negative consequences on the relationship between the people of Iran and the United States.

In your speeches, you have always expressed your support for the Iranian people and their desire to establish democracy in Iran.  People of Iran are never fooled by the efforts of such separatist groups, regardless of how they try to hide their true agenda, and by no means will ever consider any support for those groups as an attempt to establish democracy in Iran.  In the eyes of the Iranian people, any overt or covert contact, any indication of approval, support, or assistance to these groups, are actions against their national interests.

The Islamic regime in Iran continuously runs propaganda claiming that some foreign countries, including the United States, are trying to break Iran into pieces and that those countries’ so-called support for people of Iran is nothing but a deceit. Meetings with separatists in any shape and form will be used as an instrument by the Islamic regime to further propagate an ill intention of the United States and USA’s pretention to be sympathetic to the plight of the people in Iran.  If your administration truly intends to support the establishment of democracy in Iran, it must keep a complete distance from and stop supporting these separatist groups and also urge and warn the US allies to do the same.

The New Iran (TNI) is a grass root political organization working to peacefully remove the tyrannical Islamic regime from power and help to establish secular democracy in Iran. One of the founding principles of TNI and its supporters is independence and territorial integrity of Iran.  As such, TNI does not assess such political actions of your administration to be aligned with your promise of being on the side of people of Iran.  On the contrary, we believe that such actions can only result in suspicions among the Iranian people with respect to the declared policy of the White House against the jihadist Islamic regime in Iran.

Dr. Iman Foroutan
Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Executive Director
The New Iran

cc: Mr. Michael Pompeo, Secretary of State

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