Open Letter: Grave Political Situation in Iran

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We, the undersigned, would like to bring to your attention the grave political situation in Iran under the Islamic regime, which has been endangering peace and stability of the Middle East, and the world at large for nearly the last forty years. 

While the world’s attention on Iran is focused on formulating a deal to limit the Islamic regime in pursuing their development of nuclear weapons, the political suppression and abuse of human rights inside Iran has reached a new alarming level.  Imprisonment, torture and murder of opponents of the regime have reached a new peak, and the world community is not paying enough attention to the atrocities being conducted by this regime. While the European Union along with a few other countries are trying to structure a new framework to bypass economic sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran (“IRI”), the tyrannical regime of Iran is actively pursuing its quest for terrorism, not only in the region but also in Europe and other parts of the world, as we have witnessed in the past forty years reign of Islamic regime, and the recent events in Europe.
A government that uses tactics of terror and systematic suppression, arrests, imprisonment, torture and murder of its opponents from all walks of life, including students, journalists, human rights activists, scientists, women who dare not to cover their hair with a scarf, truck drivers who go on strike, retirees who have lost all their savings, and virtually all classes of its citizens that are struggling to uphold Human Rights for the nation, cannot and does not have any legitimacy to govern, or to conduct any negotiations towards peace.  
The United Nations, according to its charters, is supposed to represent “nations” through their legitimate governments. According to the UN’s standard values on human rights and democracy - Articles 5, 18, 19, 20-1, and 23-3 of the UN Charter on Human Rights, non-democratic governments that do not meet these basic standards - such as the Islamic regime of Iran – cannot genuinely participate in the decision-making processes of this body.  In such a circumstance, the Islamic regime of Iran is not qualified to represent the oppressed Iranian people in any International body.  During the recent uprisings, in the form of civil disobedience, protests and strikes, Iranian people have clearly declared their desire to be represented by a secular-democratic government in any negotiation or dealings; a government that is elected in a free and legitimate process, with freedom for the press and the right of assembly to form political parties, under the supervision of the United Nations, or any independent international body.
The Iranian people have strongly demanded, without any act of violence, that they do not want to replace this tyrannical Islamic regime by another group of unpopular, and undemocratic totalitarian Islamic clans.  The Iranian people are seeking a non-violent, and orderly Regime Change to establish a free, democratic and secular form of governance in Iran. We, therefore, strongly advocate additional smart political sanctions against the Islamic regime, similar to the sanctions that were applied against South Africa during the apartheid era, such as not allowing the regime’s cadre and high ranking officials and their relatives to travel abroad or to transfer funds they have plunder from the Iranian people to their bank accounts abroad. 
It should also be noted that for the past 39 years the Islamists of Iran have ruled the country by a “bi-governmental system” of governance with no clear-cut responsibility towards their international obligations, and do not behave in accordance to international norms, laws or standards. IRI’s supreme leader has its own inner-government which controls Iran’s budget and its security forces while its world-facing pseudo-government, headed by a power-less “president”, is portrayed as the legitimate representative of the regime in its International negotiations!  Although a few democratic governments during the past two decades have been engaged in negotiations with the so-called “Iranian Government Officials” to reach a fair and sustainable nuclear treaty, the power to reckon with has been in the hand of a group of non-elected, self-imposed rulers that have no mandate by the nation. Therefore, the Islamic regime, which is not a true representative of the Iranian nation, cannot be regarded as a legitimate authority to negotiate for any agreement. 
- The new democratic Iran will not need and will not develop or use any nuclear arsenal.  
The explosive political situation in Iran and its terrorist activities in all fronts which is endangering stability of the Middle East, needs to be stopped at its roots.  The most dangerous tool the Islamist regime has in its arsenal is terrorism, which is being pursued across the globe.  Therefore, it is to the best interest of the Free World to have a democratic and secular regime in Iran as a genuine partner to negotiate with, and provide a stable infra-structure for any investment and economic cooperation with the Free World, and establish a sustainable peace in the region.  
Any negotiations, deals or agreements, political or economic, open or secret, with this Islamic regime will only prolong IRI’s power-grip on the nation, and is therefore, condemned and declared void by the Iranian people. 
- Dr. Bahram Abar, PhD, Medical Microbiology, Head of Secular Democrat Party, Germany
- Afshin Afshin Jam, Political and Human Rights advocator, Co-Founder; Peace and Humanity, Co Founder; “AMIA”, Canada
-Dr. Taghi Alereza, Energy Management Expert and Member of the Board of Trustees, The New Iran, USA
- Djwad Ariana, Political Activist, USA
- Kavos Arjomand, Political Activist, Sweden
- Mahin Arjomand, Human rights activist, Member of Paniranist Party, Germany
- Mehrdad Ashkvari, Col., Political Activist, USA
- Dr. Mohamad Reza Azarpad, Political Activist, Germany
- Dr. Bahram Bahramian, Professor, University of Maryland, USA
- Hassan Darashti, Political Activist, Germany
- Fariba Etemad-Falkhausen, Political Activist, Germany
- Dr. Ali Farazandeh, PhD (Dr.mont.Dipl.Ing), Germany
- Behrooz Farshadfar, Political Activist, The New Iran, Turkey
- Bijan Fathi, Member of the Association of Iranian Teachers in Exile, Canada
- Mahvash Fathi, Founder of the Mothers Against Execution in Iran, Canada
- Dr. Iman Foroutan, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director, The New Iran, USA
- Ebrahim Ganji, Businessman and Member of the Board of Trustees, The New Iran, USA
- Parwiz Hadadizadeh, Member and Administrator of Paniranist Party, USA
- Amil Imani, Political Activist, USA
- Iran National Liberation Front, Iran
- Iranian Lawyers Association, Iran
- Kurosh Kalhor, Political Activist, USA
- Esfandyar Khalaf, En Marche (Emmanuel Macron) v Hzb Socialiste Français az 1982 ( PS ) v PSE (Parti Social démocratie Europe, France
- Dr. Hassan Kianzad, Speaker of Paniranist party abroad. Honorary Chairman of The New Iran, Germany
- Dr. Hooshang Lahooti, University Professor, Australia
- Arash Mahdavi, Director of Civil Disobedience Dept., The New Iran, Norway
- Shahab Mehregan, Political Activist, Sweden
- Manouchehr Mehrpoujan, Member of the Board of Trustees, The New Iran, Sweden
- Shahin Nejad, Political Activist, USA
- Shole Pakravan, A mother who opposes executions, Germany
- Farokh Pirnia, Independent political activist, USA
- Nasser Pol, Member and Administrator of Paniranist Party Zoomdialogist, USA
- Javad Rassuli, Environmental Researcher and Political Activist, The New Iran, Switzerland
- Mahmoud Sabouri Yazdi, Col (Ret IIA) Last Deputy Military Attaché from IIA to Washington DC. First and Last Intelligence Liaison Officer from IIA to "US Army Intelligence Center" (Fort Huachuca), USA
- Mehdi Saki, Political Activist, UK
- Dr. Iraj Shah Velayati, Phycologist, The New Iran, USA
- Parwiz Zafari, Former Member of Parliament. Member and Former Deputy Party Chairman of the Paniranist Party. USA

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- Simin Bahrainipur, Former Teacher back in Iran, Political Activist, since The Bloody Tyranny in 1979, The New Iran, England