The New Iran’s Invitation to support Regime Change and the Establishment of Freedom and Democracy in Iran

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June 2018
The New Iran’s Invitation to support Regime Change
 and the Establishment of Freedom and Democracy in Iran

For forty years, the Iranian people have been hostage of the Islamic religious and terrorist government. Now it's time that those who believe in democracy, human rights and freedom, show their support to struggles of freedom of the Iranian people. Demonstrators demanded a regime change in mass protests of last December in many Iranian cities, and with the "Reformist, Principled, it's all over now!" slogan, made clear that the Iranian regime is not reformable and regime change in Iran is the only way to bring peace and security to the region.
The performance of forty years of the criminal cult of Iran has shown that the wells of corruption, domination and ineffectiveness of this cult are endless and continue to devour all the resources of the country for terrorist, insurgent and warring programs in the region and in the world. The key to solving Iran's problems is not whether the P5+1 agreement continues to exist or not.  The key is the replacement of this anti-Iranian regime with a secular, forward looking and democratic national government.
The New Iran calls on the international community and the governments of the world to support the Iranian people's struggle to change this regime and establish democracy and freedom in Iran by applying further political and economic pressures on the regime, instead of appeasement and economic deals with the Islamic Republic.
To help accelerate the realization of regime change in Iran, The New Iran supports all related activities by the Iranian people and IRI opposition groups.  Therefore, The New Iran supports and is promoting the below petition as posted on the White House’s website and invites all those who believe in the freedom of Iran to sign this petition.

Please note that after you sign the petition, you will need to check your email and click on the validation link in order for your signature to count.

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