Thank You Letter to President Trump for Existing P5+1 Agreement with Islamic Republic

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  May 9, 2018
The Honorable Donald J. Trump
President of the United States
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington D.C. 2050
Dear Mr. President Trump,
                 The New Iran offers its sincerest gratitude for your brave decision to pull out the United States from the one-sided and shameful P5+1 Agreement.  The failed attempts of some of the European governments to persuade you not to exit the agreement was a public display of how those countries ignore the jihadist Islamic regime's terror activities and their involvement in other countries' affairs in the Middle East, and value their economic ties and lucrative contracts with the Islamic regime, above and beyond the security of the world.
                 Your friendly and hopeful message to the people of Iran has made millions of Iranians inside the country and throughout the globe very happy and has given them hope that the new and smart US sanctions against the terrorist Islamic Republic in Iran (IRI), its officials and important entities such as the Revolutionary Guard and IRI’s government-run media will pave the way for the final uprising of the people of Iran to non-violently overthrow this dictatorial and extremist regime.  The people of Iran have been fighting to establish a democratic and secular government in Iran for many years and have paid a heavy price for it so far.
                 In anticipation of the eventual downfall of IRI, 15 years ago the founders of The New Iran developed a comprehensive roadmap for the governance of Iran for the period immediately after the Islamic regime’s downfall in order to prevent or minimize the potential chaos that may follow.  Now that the foreign policy of the United States is in complete synchronization with the demands and aspirations of the Iranian people to establish freedom and democracy in Iran, we have now begun a new fast track project, “The First 100 Days”, which will soon deliver a very focused and detailed set of recommendations for the post-IRI interim democratic government in Iran covering a wide variety of issues including identification and filling of key government positions with top caliber pro-democracy personnel, and a list of IRI laws that would need to immediately be revoked or revised during the first 100 days after regime change in Iran. 
In conclusion, we would like to offer our counsel, support, expertise, and extend our hand in cooperation with your administration, to work together and assist each other to rid the world of a blood thirsty regime that has done absolutely nothing for humanity since they came to power.

Dr. Iman Foroutan
Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Executive Director

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