Islamic Republic in Iran’s fear from people’s gathering at PASARGAD to celebrate the Cyrus the Great Day

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October 29, 2017
Islamic Republic in Iran’s fear from people’s gathering at PASARGAD
to celebrate the Cyrus the Great Day

Every year around end of October (which coincides with 7th of Aban, the 7th day of the 2nd month of Autumn in Iran), a very large number of Iranian people gather at Pasargad (near the city of Shiraz) to peacefully celebrate the Cyrus the Great Day, which is the anniversary of Cyrus the Great’s arrival at Babylon in 539 BC.
Last year, in particular, tens of thousands of people traveled to Pasargad which made the Islamic regime very fearful.  As a result, this year, a few days before the October 29th anniversary of this event, regime’s security and paramilitary forces started sending messages to the people via SMS and social media warning them that this gathering would be illegal and that they should not attend.  This reaction of the regime was a clear indication of its fear for the potential of this gathering to become the catalyst for a soft uprising of the people against the regime.
As President Donald Trump correctly mentioned in his new Iran policy a few weeks ago, the tyrannical Islamic regime fears its own people more than it fears the United States.  That is why yesterday, one day before the Pasargad gathering, the regime closed all the roads towards Pasargad and announced that its paramilitary and security forces were planning to hold security  exercises on the Cyrus the Great day at Pasargad!  Furthermore, last Friday October 27th, the mullahs in the Fars province where Pasargad is located, attacked the Cyrus the Great celebration as a US and Israeli plan against the regime!
Today there are numerous news reports on social media confirming a large presence of security and anti-riot forces around the Cyrus The Great’s tomb in Pasargad and all the roads to that destination.  Images and videos on social media show that a large number of travelers are stranded in their cars in these roads.  There are also published images and videos of police brutality against those people who were trying to reach Pasargad on foot.   These are all indications of how much the terrorist Islamic regime fears its own people and that it has no respect for over 2,500 years of Iran’s historical and cultural non-Islamic heritage.
This reaction of the repressive Islamic regime at Pasargad clearly demonstrated the level of its fear from any type of peaceful gathering of its own people.  But everyone knows that these brutalities of the regime against its own people will soon result in an unstoppable flood of the victimized Iranian people, which will wash away the entire regime and nothing and no one will be able to stop it.
As a symbol of national unity and a sign of protesting the Islamic regime’s brutal reaction to Iranian people’s desire to peacefully celebrate their heritage, The New Iran invites and calls on the Iranian people to join the #SilentMajority movement and turn off the lights in their homes and offices for 30 seconds this Friday and every Friday at 10 PM local Iran time, as an S.O.S. stress signal to the world. 
Freedom is near.
The New Iran

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