The New Iran Protests IRI's Presidential Election Polling Stations in the U.S.

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Honorable Jeff Sessions
Attorney General of the United States

May 9, 2017
Dear Attorney General Sessions,
I am writing this letter to express the deep concern of Iranian Americans over activities here in the United States that are related to the upcoming presidential election in Islamic Republic in Iran (“IRI”).  The United States and IRI share no diplomatic or economic ties.  In addition, the law governing the travels of IRI officials in the United States is very narrow and strict. Therefore, we are troubled that the Islamic regime is setting up ballot boxes in the United States for the purpose of allowing IRI supporters to vote in IRI’s presidential election.  This raises serious questions regarding how the U.S. can possibly participate in legitimizing these grossly illegitimate elections by a state sponsor of terror.
According to the regime's own election website,, over 40 locations throughout the U.S. have been designated as polling sites so that Iranian-Americans can vote for any one of six mullah-backed presidential candidates. As such, per section 53 of the Islamic Regime’s own Election Rules (the 2nd tab in the above website), officials of the regime are required to man the polling places to ensure the "legitimacy" of the elections! Below is the English translation of that section:
… in Embassies, Consulates and Political Representative Offices outside Iran, the Presidential  Election’s Executive Committee, headed by the Ambassador, or the Chief Counsel, or the highest political representative in that country, and membership of 3 of the highest staff of the Embassy, or Consulate, or Representative Office, and 5 Iranians who are residents in that country, and are believers  of the Islamic Revolution, and have been selected and invited by the Ambassador or Chief Counsel or the IRI political representative.
If the jihadist Islamic regime is sending its officials to monitor the polls in the U.S., then this would be a gross violation of U.S. law which prohibits IRI officials from traveling beyond a 25-mile radius of official sites in New York City or Washington, D.C. Therefore, any IRI official traveling to any of these polling places throughout the United States would be violating the Immigration and Nationality Act and subject to arrest.
As such, we ask that you monitor these polling sites vigilantly and remove IRI diplomats illegally traveling throughout the United States.  The Iranian American community strongly condemns any action that not only violates U.S. law, but also sends the wrong message to this jihadist and terrorist regime; by allowing ballot boxes to be set up on American soil, we are signaling a tacit endorsement of this state sponsor of terror.
I look forward to your prompt reply.
Dr. Iman Foroutan
Chairman of the Board of Trustees, The New Iran

President Donald Trump
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson


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