Urgent Call on the World Health Organization to help the Iranian Nation

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February 20, 2020
On February 19, 2020, hours after the confirmation of reports by officials of government of the Islamic Republic in Iran (“IRI”) that two people with coronavirus infection had been admitted to hospitals, government sources confirmed the deaths of these 2 people.
Until this report, Iranian government officials had denied all reports that the Corona virus had entered Iran!  The Islamic Republic has very close and friendly relations with China, and although many airlines have canceled their flights to China, there are still regular flights from Iran to China and vice versa!  In this video clip received form Iran today, an ambulance is seen in front of a hospital in Tehran, where the patient is assisted by person wearing special virus prevention outfits.
There are also reports that IRI’s health officials in Iran have been working hard to conceal the statistics of coronavirus patients, in order for people to participate in IRI’s anniversary celebrations on February 11, and also participate in regime’s fake parliamentary election show on February 21st.

Given the structural and managerial deficiencies in IRI’s health care system, and the lack of attention given by the government-controlled media to promote awareness and warnings about this deadly virus, we strongly believe that the number of Iranian people infected with this deadly virus will soon increase exponentially, and that the death toll will be very high. 
We call on the World Health Organization to do everything in its power to urgently do all it can to mitigate this potential catastrophe in Iran, help the Iranian people and by extension, help the international community.

Dr. Iman Foroutan
Chairman of the Board of Trustees
The New Iran

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